Our four adventurous years with REACH have been about exploring borders and overcoming limits – often found within ourselves. Now we are all in different phases of our individual lives, but remain grounded and bound together through our shared commitment to growth and learning – the legacy of our REACH experience.

Traveling internationally offers a more in-depth perspective of what the world outside of the United States is like. Experiencing how other people live will contribute significantly to our own lives by making us think more about our own blessings, challenges, and choices. 

We each have a different path, different career ambitions, and different life goals, but together we share a wish to understand other communities, to expand our understanding of the world into which we will soon graduate, and our empathy for those with whom we share it.

The seemingly simple experience of cooking traditional Ecuadorian meals and living with a local family is in fact a powerful cross-cultural learning opportunity. Visiting the Otavalo market will allow us to engage with people from all over Ecuador and see their beautiful handcrafted art work – a window into the experiences and feelings of the people.

Most importantly, we will benefit from the power of storytelling, listening to the tales of people we meet while hiking in the Andes, and sharing our own multi-cultural experiences for others to hear and learn from. 

These experiences connect to the primary objectives of REACH, (Resilience, Education, Adventure, Community, Health) by expanding our context and opening the question of what it means to be a global citizen. We believe that this international adventure is the logical next step on our journey of learning: that educating ourselves about different communities is essential to our goal of becoming productive and helpful citizens. 

We hope you follow us on this journey! Thank you!

Waq kutikama! Hasta luego!