Today we went on a scavenger hunt around Otavalo. This activity was meant to help all of us REACHer’s understand the new environment we are in. We split into groups and went on our way. For some of us this activity made us step out of our comfort zone. Many of us do not speak Spanish, but the activity required that we ask questions from the locals, ranging from directions to the cost of guanabana (fruit). Personally I felt very nervous because I do not know a word of Spanish, but that is slowly changing. I am very proud of myself, and everyone else who stepped out of their comfort zones and attempted to interact with a new culture. I was surprised at how challenging being immersed can feel, but I know we are on our way to have a once in a lifetime experience getting used to this new environment. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip holds in store for us!

-Kristen C.

Tito and Sahira haggling for a tiny llama.