This morning Misa (Misael) and I woke up and had breakfast with our host family. It was a cooked banana and warm milk. I added coffee and it was very good :). Misa didn't really like the banana but I thought it was fine. The son of the host family, Michael (three years old) wanted me to walk him to school so I did. Michael became the highlight of my day and I can already tell its going to be hard to say good-bye to him and my host family. A little later in the day after we had dinner I sat down and with Mida (host mom) and Michael, we taught her the colors in English and they tough me Spanish. I'm trying to bond with them individually. So far the host dad is the most challenging, with Mida it's very easy because I just ask her what everything is that she's cooking and we also both love coffee!

I think we are all at the point where the initial buzz of being here is wearing off and we are feeling a little homesick, at least I am. It's OK because I know it's normal. I was feeling a little down today but I feel a lot better. When we got home Mida asked me how my day was. I told her "Estoy Nostalgica" after a quick google search. I didn't think she really understood or it got lost in translation, but after dinner she decided to take us to her sisters house down the street. I wasn't really feeling it as I'm a bit ant-social, but I couldn't say, "no". So we went and I'm glad we did. They told us stories of their childhood and while I don't know Spanish, at least I didn't before I got here, I got the gist of the conversation now which is rad. We all shared laughs and it was a good time. It me while I was there that these people let strangers into their home and are treating us like family which baffles my mind. I can already tell I'm going to miss this family when I have to say good-bye.

-Andrew S.