Going away is always hard to do. Being with my wonderful host family has been an awesome adventure. Ecuador has definitely made a huge impact on me. It's changed the way I see everything now. Having a very humble host family has taught me to be more humble and appreciate life and family more. I absolutely love them and will carry them in my heart forever. As time passed by here in Ecuador I really didn't notice how much we've grown these past two weeks and four years in the REACH program. REACH has taught me a lot and I learn more about myself each day being here as well. I learned to be responsible, to be humble to love unconditionally, and most importantly to always have an open mind.  I love Ecuador and can't wait to come back. Of course also visiting my host family.

REACH has been a great adventure, with great memories, and even greater people. Just like my host family, I love each and every one of you guys in the program. You will always have an impact in my life from what I've learned here in REACH. It's never a goodbye just a, "See you soon". To Ecuador, to my host families, to all you fellow students, and to REACH. Thank you for the experiences, it was a great hike that I will continue to take till I reach the top of the mountain.

Love, Lupita