Leaving your everyday life and coming to a new place is something that sometimes can be hard or it can be really nice to take some time away from everything and do something new. For me it was really nice being able to take some time off of my everyday life. My life in the USA is very stressful between work and school. But now I am here in Ecuador and it is not stressful at all. I feel free! I feel like I can do more than what I do at home. At home I do days without seeing my family, but here I get to see my host family everyday and I get to spend actual time with them. I get to know them better and I feel like I get closer to them everyday. Back at home I have everything that I need, but here even when I don’t, I am so much happier here. I also miss my family, my partner, and my baby dog.

This place is very nice and has helped me learn more about myself. I have found things that I never knew I could do! I have been talking to the Tandana Staff about the Public Health Internships. where I could come back to Ecuador for 6 months and help in in the public clinics an work with people in need. I think it would be a good fit for me. I would love to return.

Ecuador is a great place for us, the REACH family, to end our 4 years together. I think that just being part of this trip and REACH has opened so many doors. This is something I will never forget.

- Cristian S.