Well its my turn to jot down my thoughts on our recent adventures. Ill first start off with my experience with my host family. I’m not going to lie, at first it was a bit awkward trying to connect with them since they would only speak Quechwa (their native language) and I felt a bit left out. But now the tables have turned and I could honestly say we have bonded more and make more of a connection these past days. I am a strong believer that effort goes a long way. During dinner I tried to ask more questions to get to know everyone at a more personal level and also crack jokes to set a smooth mood.

Its crazy but I can tell my host mom is going through a rough period in their live, you can see it in her eyes. Her son committed suicide 2 months ago and I think that pain reopened scars she had from her husband passing away 10 years ago. The death of their son caused her to get a brain seizure. She has to go to the doctor everyday to get treatment. What I also find crazy is the similarities she has with my own mother. Same name (Jeosefina) and her love for her sons is similar to my mothers. I always thought my mom was overprotective but realized she is not the only one. Speaking about my mother, I got the opportunity to FaceTime my mom today and it made me happy. I miss her dearly.

Continuing this rant, I can say this trip hit me at a great point in my live. I only have $10 and am in so much student debt. This trip make me realizes something I already knew but failed to acknowledge, material isn’t everything. Look, I’m healthy, I have people who care for me, and not only that but the ability to make a change in this world. I will use today as an example…

At school I was wandering around and I saw a little kid trying to entertain himself alone. I went up to him and gave him a paper airplane I had made. His name was Inti by the way. He had such a genuine smile playing with the airplane. There I realized how little things can become beautifully things. After a while me and Inti had a nice conversation. He told me he was 9 years old, had 13 brothers, and liked math along with other things. One thing Ecuador has taught me is its awesome to sit down with a person and have a conversation to actually get to know them. This is something I feel us Americans fail to realize. I just want to end this on a message I want everyone to know: STOP WORRYING ABOUT HOW GOOD OR BAD YOU LOOK IN A SELFIE, HOW MANY LIKES YOU GET ON A PICTURE, OR WHAT PEOPLE THING OF YOU BUT FOCUS MORE ON WHAT YOU CAN TO BETTER THE WORLD AND IMPACT PEOPLES LIVES IN A POSSITIVE WAY… With that I say Angel out! Drops mic.

PS: I read this really cool quote

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit it has gone through changes to achieve that beauty”

-          Angel L.