Well since I'm not busy I guess I'll start writing what I see in an everyday life here. I think the most impactful thing that I have seen is the family ties that are here. My host family Carmen and Alberto are very close. You know the bond is strong when your husband leaves to Europe and comes back without regret. A typical day for me starts with music and the wawa (baby) crying. I change as fast as I can because it is pretty cold here in the mornings. Then I brush my teeth by the water, usually I hear screaming and Mateo or Lady come and give me my morning hug. I got super close to my family super fast because they remind me of when my family was together. I then leave for work and they say, " bye bye Nora." They wait by the soccer field for me to show up and grab my hand to walk down to the house at the end of the day. My grandparents always ask where am I going and when will I be back? I feel very comfortable and even though I miss home comforts I love it here and wouldn't change anything- well maybe a toilet that flushed.