We are at the halfway point of the trip and it amazes me that 10/11 days have passed. So much has happened, from meeting my host family to lying in a hostel praying my fever would break soon, helping our family, making tortillas, basically evaluating my life, and now writing this. The days go by so steadily, seeming to pass in the blink of an eye and drag at the pace of a tortoise. It seems I have been here months but also no time has passed. I am throughly enjoying myself, but I also feel more and more ready to come home. I do miss having a washing machine, as well as a toilet with a seat. I am excited to bring home my lessons and experiences. I can feel myself changing daily, for the better I hope. I look forward to seeing if I can keep it up at home.

See you soon, 


PS: mom, if you read this my phone screen broke more and it is unusable. Love you!