This trip is almost over and yet if still feels like it just started! I’ve spent these last two weeks living with my host familia; Maria Juana, Ramiro, Angel, Cesar, Omar, and Alex. These people all work so hard for what they have and are so happy for what they do have. That’s something that is going to definitely change when I get home…. I’m definitely going to think twice about buying something I need verses want.

My favorite part about working at the school is getting to share knowledge with my students and seeing them be so engaged! Also, CHOCOBANANAS! They’re my fave 15 cent frozen treat during recess! Today after lunch I got to head back into Otavalo to do a follow up doctor’s appointment. Got good news that I was feeling much better. So that was exciting to hear!

Tonight’s dinner was my favorite night around the fire. We all sat as a family together again and to break the silence with our oldest brother who always looked so serious and mad, we asked “Omar, why do you always look so mad and serious.” Everyone started dying of laughter. After that, we continued to laugh and Omar started to laugh at me even harder because I kept looking at Cynthia to translate for me. I also promised to come back for two months in a couple years. They’re holing me to it. I’m sad that tomorrows our last night, but this is a trip ill never forget.

Thank you REACH for this life changing experience. Im grateful!

-          Carly P.