We are currently waiting for our plane ride to Colombia which will then take us to our final destination, home. These past 3 weeks have flown by so quickly I can still remember packing for this trip. It’s sad to say goodbye, but then again, I am very happy and grateful I had the chance to experience it all. Especially with the past few days, my memories will be here to stay. Saying goodbye to our host mainly was a bittersweet moment because while I was happy to be going home I was also sad leaving my now second family. My host mom was always so sweet and caring, plus the food was amazing. However, one thing I will not miss here are the potatoes. The bonds and friendships I made here in Ecuador made me realize that meeting new people and making bods is a fulfilling satisfaction. I most definitely want to continue traveling and meeting new people because there is so much out there that one can learn from.

Some things I will take with me from Ecuador are the places we’ve been and the impact week made on the community. Visiting the Lechero tree and seeing the beautiful waterfall illustrated the culture and respect Ecuador has for its county. Also being able to teach kids geography and helping them make salt maps was definitely a highlight of my summer.

Once again I would love to that REACH and Tandana for helping me experience something so cool and amazing that I know I will carry on for the rest of my life. Until next time, this girl is off to Colombia (we just for 2 hours, but still)

-          Adriana