Roosters and raggaeton - the Agualongo alarm clock. After motivating myself to get up at 6 am, I had a meal for breakfast. Being used to a bagel, yogurt or cereal, eating a bowl of rice, beans and eggs was a huge challenge. I pushed through it, and after breakfast got dressed and Garrett and I went up to the cancha about 5 minutes early. The first thing I saw was fog over the mountains, and it looked like something out of Hollywood. Everyone that was meeting at 7:30 got there and we took off for summer school. "Oso", our family dog, watched over us the whole way and made sure we were safe. I taught math first at summer school, and had only two students, and the teacher was about my age. The kids seemed very interested and very bright, yet they lacked confidence. After math class I taught the computer class a little something about circuits. They were very eager and super interested in the circuit kit , which was like a toy to them. I hope I can open their eyes a little bit so they become interested in STEM fields.  

After lunch, we went to the museum where we learned a bit about Otevalo culture, and I bought the softest blanket ever. We played traditional games, including a speaking game, a bottle/five game, and –I'm sure everyone's favorite – a "wolf gets the rabbit under the blanket" game. The truck ride back was fun, and I spread my wings (my blanket) and flew (with the wind). Coming back home, I shared a fantastic corn soup with chicken and potatoes with my host mom and we talked about our families. Day two went great – I can't wait for tomorrow.