The day started off to a good start I would say. I had soup with broccoli, carrots and, of course, potatoes. We then left to school, but were a bit late. In class, we demonstrated diverse artists and their works of art, and the stories behind them. I was amazed by how intrigued they were in the history of these painter - in particular, by the meaning of the art work of Afro-American painter, Jean Michael Basquiat. His story and the way of life that he faced growing up surrounded by racism was something that intrigued the students. We talked about the many similarities one culture could have with another and how it is important to always stay true to one's beliefs. I can honestly say that these children have been teaching me more than I have been teach them.  

Later on in the day we had the privilege of having someone come teach us a bit of Kichwa and its origin. It was a very nice experience to have the opportunity to learn a language that is so full of history. Overall, it was a very productive and eye-opening day. 

Jazmin Sanchez