I woke up to roosters around 5:15 am and they continued to make noise until Shawn and I got up to meet up with other REACH-ers near the cancha. We woke up late and got bread to go. We were offered juice and rice, but we would be cutting it close to being on time. We did our hike to the school and helped clean up the classrooms. We then saw their theater performances and they seemed very happy performing. I then sang The Lion King with the music class. They were very quiet but I find it very amazing that they learned it in English very fast. The second music class performed Happy Birthday, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Titanic. They seemed very nervous but played their songs great. When the kids did their history monologue, they were very excited to present them. The kids had so much fun presenting their P.E. gam with hula hoops. They had to stay in the hula hoops and could not touch the floor. Food science class did not do anything for their presentation, but only talked about their class. Construction class made a chain reaction thing and are very energetic. The kids were very interested in their computer class and the art class made a beautiful mural and really enjoyed drawing/painting. The kids then got their certificates for the classes they accomplished. Me and some of the REACH-ers handed out food to the kids and some of their parents. The line kept getting long when their were only a few people left; for example, three people then ten people came to the line then repeat. We had chicken, rice, fries, and salad. Then it went to chicken, rice, fries; and then chicken and rice was only left when the parents and kids all got food. I witnessed Oso struggling with a chicken bone for about five minutes. We all came to the office to hang out, and Brisa read about the day. Janeth also read about her day right afterwards. Also, Magali had her toe checked out and she is fine for now.  

We left the office to get frozen ice cream on a stick. The group then walked to our cooking class. When we got there, Oso bonded with the other dog. My group helped cut some onions, carrots, broccoli, chicken, and cauliflower. At the same time, we bonded and did some talking about various things, and I same some songs as well. Then we switched groups and learned about the different herbs and plants. We learned that some plants are good for stress, anxiety, insomnia, stomach pain, digestive cleansing, point pain, etc. After that, we learned about the towels and napkins the wife makes and the significance of the artwork/embroidery on them. For example, the "k" is for their name and providence. We then relaxed inside, shared stories, talked about first impressions, and waited for the food while Anaya played the guitar and then realized it is her birthday today/yesterday. Later, I went outside and sang a little of Hallelujah with Shannon and showed her the song, "Stay" by Rihanna (and unknown guy). Hopefully she learns it so we can sing it together – never done a duet. 

We then had dinner from all the food we prepared, and had some musicians play music for us while we ate. We all had a great time and some of us danced like Ken. We also sang Happy Birthday to Anaya and had birthday cake. We left on a cattle truck and brought the dog, Osos, with us, though he did not enjoy the ride. Logan really enjoyed his day.

Logan O.