Waking up today realizing it's the first day of the month I've noticed how time has gone by so quick. Making my way to the restroom I see one of my youngest siblings standing, his back facing towards me, half asleep as I walked  towards the bathroom I thought he was watering something then noticed he wasn't. So I quickly and quietly rushed myself into the restroom. Another delicious breakfast from our host mom Susana of rice, fried plantains, noodles, meat, and jello was served today. Although this was the first time that I wasn't able to finish a meal. "Magali", I heard from a distance from a very familiar voice. I rushed outside in my famous Bora Bora slides and made my way to La Casa Comunal as it was time to work with the community. Working with the community today in cleaning the side of the road was somewhat frustrating for me today. The reason is because I was limited to how much I could get done. As well my "toe" was somewhat tired from walking. Besides the fact that I was limited and tired, I tried my best to do as much as I could. As some might say, it was best that I went to help with prepping for lunch, but honestly "I'd rather not have a broken toe nail and be working with the community." I was somewhat bummed, but as I thought about it I would still be helping the community by helping prep lunch for them.

Our next activity was visiting a shawman. Arriving there about to get off the cow truck I hear that familiar voice once again, "No worries Magali, we are at a good place in case you hurt yourself." Visiting the shawman and listening to stories of how he has been able to cure people was interesting. For me personally most of the things he talked about weren't that new to me. As the day almost came to an end we had dinner with our family but this time only with our two oldest siblings. Since our parents and youngest sister weren't home. What I've noticed is that for the time I have been here I've gotten used to eating with the whole family. Especially with Manuel our host dad because every time he's home from work I know that it is almost dinner time. Something else that I noticed is that I'm getting more attached to my host family but more to our host dad every time he's home from work I get excited. I would say the reason is because he reminds me a lot of my dad in how our relationship used to be. As well how we are trying to make it better. Of course before the day ended and before going to bed once I heard that the rest of the family was home I went to see them and say goodnight to them.