Sleeping in from the hard days of work was a great start of my day. We then got up and had our usual routine: pack our blankets and eat breakfast (papas, arroz and egg). Once our Mom came early from work, me and Maria immediately started making lunch in time for Ken, Shannon and Danika's arrival at noon. Making lunch was blood, sweat and tears where I almost lost an eye from my sister's cutting skills with carrots. Mom was pretty paranoid, but still managed to have a delicious meal together where we laughed about relationships in Ecuador and how Shannon barely made a dent in her food (fried papas, salad, rice with mixed veggies). Once it was 1:30, we all were about to head to the cancha and our mom calls everyone to surprise my dad with a belated father's day cake and a belated birthday cake for Cynthia (my 8-year-old sister). It was a fail surprising them both considering someone had to get my sister even though she had her suspicions. Our parents then gave a heartfelt speech about our family and even though our hosue may be small compared to most houses they have big hearts, which is absolutely true because they have done so much for me within the little time I have been here. We then walked up to the cancha thirty minutes early and took the bus ride to San Roque where we met Jorge, a traditional basket weaver, who makes incredible panchos, blankets and tapestries since he was about 10 years old. Also, we all had the opportunity to have a Shakira/Rico Suave salsa moment with Herman. Ending the night was one of the best nights yet! Everyone all together making empanadas (my bad, DONUTS) drinking coffee and just having a good time.