About REACH?

How does REACH Continue?

What is the legacy of REACH?

What makes REACH Special?

Why did you stay in REACH for 4 Years?

What experiences were your favorite?

What was your cohort like?

Anything you regret about your time at REACH?

How are you going to miss REACH?

In 3 words, describe yourself before and after REACH?

Your favorite memory that changed how you viewed yourself?

How did a program like this help you transition into college?

What has been your most meaningful experience, and why?

How much more important is nature to you now?

What activities have been most important to you?

How have you personally grown?

What fears have you overcome?

How has REACH helped you comprehend the world around you?

How confident are you with your finances, and managing debt?

Do you feel more comfortable with yourself

How has your experience been without technology?

How was your time with REACH helped you with your relationship skills?

Does REACH prepare you for the real world?

What does REACH provide that’s not in the description?

In what ways have you grown through the guidance of REACH?

How has the REACH program impacted your current life, and your future?

Why do you keep coming back and participating in REACH activities?

Why should anybody care about listening to a group of unbathed, disheveled college student?

How can you use the skills you learned in REACH to better the world?


About my experience in Ecuador?

How did I approach this trip differently?

Once we leave, what changes here?

What did we learn?

What are the people like?

Was it an overall positive experience?

What was the town like that you stayed at?

                Sense of community?

                Were the people caring/loving/genuine?

                Did the people have a fraternity de umanidad?

What was your greatest obstacle while in Ecuador?

What values did you notice were different between the people in Agualongo, and back home?

What fascinated you, caught your attention?

How has this experience helped your self esteem?               

Is this what you expected?

What about the world are you more aware of because of this experience?

How does going to a different country and learning a different culture help you?

What values will you take home with you?

What made you smile during your time abroad?

Did you shower, and did you do laundry?

Did your experience teach you somethingthat you can’t learn in the states?