A "Minga", is basically a community work party. A member of each family in the Agualongo community comes together to fix, build, and improve the valleys infrastructure. Imagine how well you'd know your neighborhood if everyone in the area got together to fix the potholes outside your house, and then had lunch together.

REACH, Tandana, and of course the Agualongo community got together to share a Minga, check it out!

A water tank was on the verge of collapsing. Juan and Noah load up a wheelbarrow with rocks, dirt and cement to build a retaining wall. 

But Jessica had to carry it up to the tank. Interesting fact, everything is uphill in Agualongo. 

Debbie (left) and Kayla (right) determining who has to take the next load, by seeing who is shorter. You were so close Debbie!

Minga's are fun for all ages!

Barney, local sheep legend looking regal as usual, oversees most logistics around the minga.