Kayla: How badly did you smell? (this question is of course to get the reader up to speed. As her roommate, Kayla knew exactly how bad she smelled)

Beatriz: I smelled so badly that my host mom suggested more boiling water for my shower.

Kayla: How was the first shower?

Beatriz: Well, I poured the hot water into the wash bucket, went to get my clothes, came back to se the wash bin was half empty. (*Pro Tip* check you r bucket for holes) Once in the shower area, I held the bucket with one of my legs to stop the flow of water. It was hard not to notice all the bugs, and curious neighborhood children outside.

While showering, my clothers kept falling onto the floor, and I realized I forgot my shampoo. My shower came to an end when their was more bugs than water in the bucket. Once I finished dressing, I was followed into my room by six curious children, where I was promptly told to hurry up so we could all play. Overall I would describe the experience as, “cold, naked, and afraid”.

Kayla: Will you be showering again?

Beatriz: No!!!!

Post Interview note: The group voted and Beatriz had to shower again.